Klaver tuleb külla 25 – parimad palad

The Best of  Concert Tours „The Piano Comes to Visit You“ 1997-2010

Rannap CD Klaver tuleb külla 25. Parimad palad

Ever & Forever

Neo-romanticism. New piano pieces with electronics.
Composed and performed by Rannap
2020 Klaveripoeg

Eesti Kullafond (Tresury of Estonian Music) – 3 CDs

58 Rannap’s best songs (original recordings)
2018 Hitivabrik

Tagasirändur (Traveler)

Rannap’s earlier songs in contemporary arrangements, new recording
Performers: Ott Lepland, his band, and Rannap on keyboards
2018 Full House Agencyändur

Selfies with Classics

Rannap’s re-workings of well-known classical melodies
Composer on piano
2018 Klaveripoeg

Keelatud! (Forbidden!) 

Early songs for group Ruja, with Kristjan Kannukene (vocal)
New recording. Composer & on keyboards: Rannap
2015 Klaveripoeg


New piano pieces. Composed and performed by Rannap
2013 Klaveripoeg

2ÜHEL (Piano duo 2onONE) 

Piano pieces for 4 hand (with M. Mattisen).
Composer and on piano: Rannap
2012 Klaveripoeg

Hingelinnud (Soul Birds) 

New cycle of songs for choir & chamber orchestra.
Composed & arranged by Rannap
2011 Klaveripoeg

KlaveriKuld (Golden Piano Works) 

Classical piano pieces. Performed by Rannap
2009 Klaveripoeg

Ilus maa (Beautiful Country) 

Rock cantatas „Ilus maa“ (Beautiful Country) ja „Taevas ja maa“ (Heaven & Earth).
New recording. Composer & on keyboards: Rannap
2009 Klaveripoeg

Klaver tuleb külla 10 (Piano Comes /to Visit You/into the Village) 

10 years of summer tours. The very Best.
Composer and on piano: Rannap
2007 Klaveripoeg

Läbi jäätund klaasi (Through Frozen Window) 

Songs with Maarja-Liis Ilus & symphony orchestra.
Composer, arranger & on piano: Rannap
2006 Klaveripoeg

Tantsib klaveril (Dancing on the Piano) 

Piano solos, composed and performed by Rannap
2005 Klaveripoeg

Maasikad (Strawberries) 

Rannap’s songs for children – new recording
2003 hyper.record

Varased laulud (Earlier songs) 

Rannap’s songs and rock cantatas – original recordings (4 CDs)
2002 hyper.record

Need ei vaata tagasi (They are never looking back)

Rannap’s 60 songs for group Ruja – original recordings (set of CDs)
2000 hyper.record


Frozen Lightning 

piano solos. Composer on piano: Rannap
2007 Klaveripoeg

Eesti muld ja eesti Ruja (3 DVDs)

2017 Sterotek Film
Live concert of Rannap’s songs for group Ruja & documentary


LP Bach’s piano music 

Melodiya. Rannap on piano

LP Rääts’ piano music 

Melodiya. Rannap on piano

LP Improvisations

Melodiya, Tallinn. Composer and on piano: Rannap

LP Songs for rock group Ruja

Melodiya. Composer and on keyboards: Rannap

LP Improvisations

Melodiya, Moscow. Composer and on piano: Rannap