Ever & Forever 13 piano pieces (70’) 2019-2020 (10 of them on CD-l Ever & Forever)

Concerto for oboe and symphony orchestra, in three movements (25’) 2019

Corals 8’ for solo piano (9’) 2019

Alone for kantele (3’) 2019 

The Moon (Kuu), cantata (Lyrics: Kristjan Jaak Peterson) for mixed choir, string orchestra and percussion (15’) 2018

Mari oli mammu (Estonian folk poetry) composition for mixed choir (and strings) or for male choir (5’) 2016/2018

Evil Island– a rock opera (2 hours, 2 acts)2016-2017 
(Libretto: Andrus Kivirähk, Lyrics: Wimberg) for soloists, two choirs, orchestra, rock band

Solemn Estonia (Ülev Eesti) – concert march for symphony orchestra (5’) 2017 

Selfies with Classics– 10 reworkings of well-known classical melodies for piano (on CD Selfies with Classics)

Hele-heia for children’s choir and piano (text: different syllables) (3’) 2016

Mussorgsky-Rannap “Picture from an Exhibition” (50’) 2016
Reworking of Mussorgsky’s solo piano cycle for Estonian Piano-Orchestra – 8 pianists on four pianos

An Old Boot(Vana saabas) (Text: Andrus Kivirähk)  (20’) 2015
Children’s musical fairy-tale for reader, piano & string orchestra

Concerto in Rock for rock band & symphony orchestra, in 3 movement (40’) 2015-2016

Ballad for solo violoncello (5’) 2015

Quintet for piano & strings „Three Allegories“ (22’) 2015

Three Estonian folk songs for piano & strings (12’) 2015

Helisev Eesti – concert overture for symphony orchestra (7’) (premiere in 2015)

Concerto for cembalo & strings, in three movements(15’)2015

Left in the sand sonata for two cembalos (15’) 2014

Rhapsody of Winds for symphonic wind band (15’) 2014

Heavenly and Earthly (words by Rumi) in 10 movements for solo piano & Gregorian male vocal ensemble (50’) 2013

Cantilena for solo violin & strings (or organ) (12’) 2013

Idyll 13 pieces for piano (50’) 2012-2013 (on CD Idyll)

Black Smoke/White Smoke for piano (3’) 2013

Whistle Dance(Viletants) for flute & piano (5’) 2012 

Urban Static trio for trumpet, piano & percussion (15’) 2012

Desert Rose for marimba (10’) 2012

Concertino for alto sax and string quartet (or piano) (15’) 2012

La Sagrada Familia, a Chamber Symphony in four movements (40’) 2012

Concerto for piano & symphony (or string) orchestra, in three movements (25’) 2012

Ave Maria for female, male or mixed choir (a cappella or with strings accompaniment) (5’) 2012

Agnus Dei for female choir & piano (6’) 2012

4 works for symphonic winds (20’) 2011-2012

  • Vikings’ Battle (Mõõk mõõga vastu)
  • Last Days of the Winter (Talve viimsed päevad)
  • Still Life (Vaikelu)
  • Trickster (Vigurvänt)

Four hands – 11 pieces for piano four hands (60’) 2009-2011 (on CD 2onONE)

Concerto for clarinet & string quartet (or piano) (20’) 2011

Piano Fever (Sõrmepalavik), 10 concert etudes (rock etudes) for piano (50’) 2010

Bolero for harp (9’) 2010

Soul Birds (Hingelinnud), song cycle, 
36 songs for female choir & chamber orchestra (110’) 2010-2011 (70’ on CD Soul Birds) 

Heaven and Earth (Taevas ja maa), rock cantata (45’) 2009
for rock singer, operatic baritone, mixed choir & rock group (on CD Ilus maa)

Sinu silmade sinimustvalge (Blue-Black-White of Your Eyes)
cantata for mixed choir & symphony orchestra (or string orchestra) (8’) 2009

Chamber Concert for piano & string orchestra (or string quartet)
“Clock Bomb & Clock Weight” (“Kellapomm ja pommikell”) in one movement  (18’) 2009

Variations for cembalo (10’) 2008

Piano Pieces

  • Dancing on the Piano 1997
  • Child Gazing at the Starry Sky 1998
  • Jubilation of Bells 1999
  • Sunshine Piano 2000
  • Rhyme 2002


Concerto Grosso in una movimento for chamber orchestra (20’) 1981/1987
This work had an earlier title: Noortekontsert (Youth Concerto);1111 0000, cembalo/celesta, strings

Rosarium for English horn 2006

Hallo! for soprano & piano (Text: Kerttu Rakke (9′) 2004 

Fanfares for symphony orchestra (5’) 2003

Celtic Prayersfor male choir & organ 2002

Darkness (Text: Laozi, in English) cantata for male choir & early music ensemble (13’) 2001 

TimeSculpture for piano & symphony orchestra (20’) 2000

From Time to Time (Ajast aega), for mixed choir a cappella 1996

Rope Dancer, Wheel – two pieces for solo violin 1995

Baltic Elegy for string orchestra 1995

Frames for percussion ensemble 1994

Breeze for symphonic winds 1994

Umbrellas forsymphony orchestra 1994

Bellowing for accordion 1993

Echoes of Distant Winter, cycle of pieces for piano 1993

Prodigal Son for string quartet, in two movements(15’) 1992

Silver Linings for flute & guitar 1993

Cruise Control for piano 1992

Statue for wind quintet 1991

Pieces for piano 1987-1990

Circle Dance & other short pieces for symphony orchestra 1989

Symphonic Sketch for symphony orchestra (18’) 1986

Sonata for violin & organ 1985

Sonata for two pianos 1985

Concertino for piano & symphony orchestra 1984

Innocent pieces (Süüta palad) for piano 1982

Musica Naivissimo for piano 1982

Naive pieces (Naiivsed palad) for piano 1980-1982

Beautiful Country (Ilus maa), rock cantata for male soloist, mixed choir & rock band (lyrics: Hando Runnel) 1982

Popular and rock songs (since 1968)

Songs for children

Instrumental pieces for children

Music for film (since 1971) and theater (since 1968)


Eesti muld ja eesti süda (Estonian Soil & Estonian Heart)

Nii vaikseks kõik on jäänud (Everything has Become so Quiet)

Suudlus läbi jäätund klaasi (A Kiss Trough Frozen Window)

Rahu (Peace)

Raagus sõnad (Bare Words)

Vana vaksal (Old Railroad Station)

Need ei vaata tagasi (They are not Looking Back)

Must lind (Black Bird)

Must ronk (Black Crow)

Õhtunägemus (Night Ghost)

Kel on laulud laulda (Who has Songs to Sing)

Eile nägin ma Eestimaad (Yesterday I had Seen Estonia)

Inimene õpib (A Human Learns)

Ühes väikses Eesti linnas (In a Little Town in Estonia) 

Tango (Tango)

Music sheets are available through:

Contact: Evi Arujärv

EMIC (Estonian Music Information Center)